Romanian born Emi Gal is co-founder of Brainient, a video advertising technology company. Prior to this current endeavour he started two other companies and has advised or been involved with various technology & internet startups.

1.‭ ‬If you could trade places with an entrepreneur living or dead who would it be and why‭?
Elon Musk,‭ ‘‬cause he creates stuff that actually makes a difference in the world.

2.‭ ‬What has been your most effective business decision to date‭?
Moving to London

3.‭ ‬Describe your‭ ‘‬Eureka Moment‭’ ‬with your current endeavour‭?
I don’t believe in ‘Eureka Moments’.‭ ‬Innovation is more of a process than it is a moment.

4.‭ ‬What’s been the best advice you’ve been given about being in business‭?
The harder you work,‭ ‬the luckier you get.

5.‭ ‬What has been the biggest failure to get‭ ‘‬swept under the carpet‭’?
When my second startup,‭ ‬BrainTV,‭ ‬failed.‭ ‬It was tough but I pushed through.

6.‭ ‬How would you commence a motivational speech for budding entrepreneurs‭?
Life is short.

7.‭ ‬What is the most important part of a sandwich‭?
The Nutella

8.‭ ‬What’s the dumbest thing an investor/mentor/advisor said to you,‭ ‬in hindsight‭?
You should get a day job.‭

9.‭ ‬What do you think will be written on your epitaph‭?
The real Batman.

10.‭ ‬Has your brand of underwear elevated with your success‭?
No.‭ But, my red shoes have!